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This icon journal is no longer updated. After some thought, I decided I wanted a fresh start. My new graphics journal is chaoticxmuse. Feel free to head over there for my new graphics. This community will remain the same. Go ahead and search the tags for any graphics you might like. I apologize for broken links here. Some of the icons are now permanently lost, so I cannot reupload them.

silverwing_ss is my personal graphics journal. I post mostly icons, but I also post banners, headers, blends, colorbars, friends only banners, etc. on occasion. Since I felt I was using too much space to post icons on my personal journal, street_symphony, I thought I'd make a separate journal for my icons and other graphics. You are more than welcome to friend me or join the community, but only I can post icons as it's my icon journal. It's just a place where all my icon posts and graphics can collect instead of stacking up in my personal journal.
These are subject to change.

1. Comment on what you take. It's always nice to get feedback, and this lets me know which icons you like. That way, I can make icons that you will want to use.

2. Credit me. I'm not going to hunt you down or anything if you don't credit, but I appreciate it. Therefore, credit either street_symphony or silverwing_ss. See below the table for a quick "how to" on crediting.

And if crediting, do not miscredit. This means don't put my name for someone else's icons or someone else's name for the icons I made. Because that doesn't help anybody.

3. No hotlinking/direct linking/whatever you call it. It eats up bandwidth, then you can't see the icons. Everyone loses.

4. Textless icons are not bases. Unless I have specifically made some bases and marked them as such, do not use my textless icons as bases. If you want text added to something, ask me.

5. Respect the community and its members. This should be a given. There have been no issues so far, but just to be safe, keep it in mind.

That's really all. The only way you'll get kicked out of the community is really for violating the last three rules. They're the big ones. I'll probably warn you once or twice, but if the behavior continues, you'll be banned.
I am very busy right now, so I don't take requests unless it's related to a specific post I've done. For example, if I've done a set of Aladdin icons, and you want one of a certain scene, then I would do that. I will also add text for you if you want.

However, I will not do a request for something completely unrelated to a post. I also will not do requests for tutorials. I use quite an old version of psp, so you wouldn't get much out of one anyway. That being said, I don't save psds either, so please don't ask for them.

The program I'm attempting to get into is very demanding, which is the reason for my lack of time. I just don't have more time to offer to icons than I already use, so requests are something that I just can't fulfill.
Uh, I don't have any affiliates at the moment. If you'd like to affiliate, just leave a comment on an icon post.

How to Credit

Be sure to add "> to the end of the code in the comments box.

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